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But opposition is not hard to find. A protest banner, reading “The lithium belongs to the local people,” recently welcomed travelers outside the airport in Salta, which is frequented by mining executives. The drive to the salt flats leads past a barrier on a steep mountain pass with the spray painted message: “No to the […]

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I live in America, I am 50 years old and a veteran, and no matter how we look at the problem, the answer does not change. I live in a racist, bigoted and ignorant country. The worst part is that this is a land of cowards that prefer it that way. Perlstein’s publisher, Simon Schuster, […]

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Unable to back down for fear of their coworkers mocking them, their argument is eventually mediated “Cajun style” by James Carville, who then proceeds to also demonstrate how to steal candy from a vending machine.”Cajun style.”This episode was performed live on stage at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. The episode also achieved a 2.7/7 in […]

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UNFPA is supporting the government and other partners to scale up efforts to safeguard the dignity of women and girls. This includes the positioning of reproductive health kits, hygiene kits and promoting gender based violence prevention.Flooding in Mozambique. Courtesy of UNFPAHealth and reproductive health needsAs with most humanitarian situations, women, girls and children are usually […]

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Hugo was a powerful Cape Verde type hurricane that caused widespread damage and loss of life in Guadeloupe, Saint Croix, Puerto Rico, and the Southeast United States. It formed over the eastern Atlantic near the Cape Verde Islands on September 9, 1989. Hugo moved thousands of miles across the Atlantic, rapidly strengthening to briefly attain […]

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Insurance providers want to know about these items as they’re typically more desirable to steal and, if they’re damaged, they can be expensive to replace. You’ll typically need to specify any individual items valued at more than 1,500 when getting a quote but this limit can differ across providers and could be lower or higher. […]

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I was comp lit major German and French. Since 2007, the share of students majoring in history has fallen by 45 percent. Apparently, we are way more likely to be condemned to repeat it now (laughter).. India is unlikely to outperform other emerging markets because valuations in India are expensive relative to its peers and […]

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We saw what was happening. Fortunately ladies earrings, the Swiss firm was having some financial difficulties. We were able to buy back the business we’d sold to them in the first place.. The First Friday Art Walk has gained “must do” status for residents and visitors. What could beat strolling the city’s historic streets, enjoying […]